Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Olivia's Doubling Maths Strategy Work

WALT: to use double and half strategy's to solve multipacation problems.

In this video I found an easy way to solve our 5 times tables. You turn them into a 10 times table strategy that you know off by heart. 
I gave myself a nine pit of ten because this was my second draft on my maths sample but I really enjoy the maths work I am doing with ebony. Something I could work on is my clear speech. ( I got a bit scratchy at the end ) 

Why: because it s an easyer way to solve harder problems.
What: doubling and halving 5 times tables to make them easyer.
How: by halving the biggest number and halving the smaller number.
I learned: that it is easyer to make the times tables a much easyer.

Feedback: I like how you worked out the problem with ease you could tell you  understand  it.
😀maia s 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tables challenge graph

This is my tables challenge graph. There are letters up the top of the dots to tell you what level I'm in. Up top is the date and the score. I'm getting pretty good at this tables challenge.

Hot and cold

This is my hot and cold page. We needed to draw drawings and write words about hot things and cold things. Temperature and heat. These are the things that I think are hot and can be hot and things that are cold and can be cold.    

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

States of matter fill ins

I had a phew mess ups but I did my very best! This test is about what we know about matter. 

My spelling words

This is a way to learn your words and to remember your words for different occasions like a spelling test. It's helping me so it will help you. Give it a try!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Spelling test

This is my spelling test. On the second page is the back of the page and the words I need to learn. I think I did well because I need a good challenge. And even if I didn't get some of them right I still can be proud that I tried it. Something not so negative is I got lots of them right!!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Me and my learning partner Serena's poster

Learning partner

This is a learning partner cloud. My learning partner is Serena. A learning partner has to be
. Honest
. Kind
. Can work in a team
. Nice

Me and Serena think some of these reasons are important because if you do not follow most of these tips you will not really know what is important. Like if you needed some help you would probably run straight to the teacher instead of thinking about C3B4ME. By Olivia and Serena