Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Olivia's Doubling Maths Strategy Work

WALT: to use double and half strategy's to solve multipacation problems.

In this video I found an easy way to solve our 5 times tables. You turn them into a 10 times table strategy that you know off by heart. 
I gave myself a nine pit of ten because this was my second draft on my maths sample but I really enjoy the maths work I am doing with ebony. Something I could work on is my clear speech. ( I got a bit scratchy at the end ) 

Why: because it s an easyer way to solve harder problems.
What: doubling and halving 5 times tables to make them easyer.
How: by halving the biggest number and halving the smaller number.
I learned: that it is easyer to make the times tables a much easyer.

Feedback: I like how you worked out the problem with ease you could tell you  understand  it.
😀maia s 

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