Thursday, 30 October 2014

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Radio Station Reflection

This is my reflection for the radio station. 8001/listen. Tune in to hear about this awesome radio station news, story's and comps

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Math prove it!

My goal is to add up through ten.
I made a showme about one of my questions in R2. Please enjoy!

WALT: Add up through ten to solve math problems.
Self feedback: I think that I did well on my speech in the showme.
Self feedforward: I think I can do better focus in the video because I was fighting and getting my words mixed up! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


A Pangram is a sentence that has all the letters of the alpherbet.

WALT: Make a Pangram as short as we possibly can. ( still having All the letters of the alpherbet.
In our writing class with troy, we had to get in a pair or a group and make a Pangram. Me and Emma came first in the shortest Pangram coming in with a totel of 51 letters.
Here is our Pangram


Feedback/Feedforward: nice

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Shrinkage summary.

WALT: summarise a story. :)

Pippa is a nice girl. She was desperate to join in friendships with the " cool kids" . So she was presured to do a wrong thing. Shoplift. She didn't want to but Pippa did anyway. Kylie was the " head" of the cool girls so to speak. She was the one to force Pippa to do this awful thing.
Pippa went in to the shop and browsed the shelves for something small, something easy to stuff into her pocket or hold it in her hand.
But what she didn't know was the shopkeeper saw everything Pippa was doing. Pippa walked slowly to the door, hoping to get out. She looked around and Kylie and the gang had vanished.
She got a fright when a hand touched her shoulder. She heaved it away because she thought it was Kylie being nasty.
Then the hand grew tighter. Pippa found out it was the owner of the shop. She was in trouble!
The lady at the front desk said the girls outside have stollen before so she new something was up. Pippa was sad. Very sad. She stole, cherry lip gloss.

* Pippa could of refused.
* Pippa could of told the shopkeeper what was going on.
* Pippa could of secretly paid for it.
* Pippa could of walked away as soon as she heard what she was going to do.
* Pippa should of said " that's wrong!"


Two stars in a wish