Monday, 22 June 2015


Description: For my Tic Tac Toe I did the activity SOMEBODY-WANTED-BUT-SO-THEN and I did about a book I read called remarkable <----- ( you should read it sometime )  

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Description: In ET REO we have been learning how to say the food in our lunch boxes and how to put them in scentences like if we like them or not in Maori, me and my friend Rileigh made a video on puppet pals showing us using them and asking each other what food we liked or disliked. In this discussion you can notice food comes out in almost every sentence. Can you tell what we are saying?


Big idea: The task was in ET REO was to create a video to show our maori learning. We call this maori learning our lunch box ET REO. We had to make a well done video with pronunciation that was correct and we had to use some out of the box thinking such as adding foods into our video. I was successful with working with Rileigh-Kaye because we are such good friends!

Feedback/Feed forward:  Great Job Olivia, I loved your detailed description. I also loved your video ( you are very good at pronouncing your maori words). Next time I think that you could speck a bit louder so that we can hear you clearly. Great job! -Hannah K

Evaluation: I think I did an Amazing job on the pronunciation. I thought I was very fluent when I spoke  in the video and It really didn't sound like I was reading from a book. I think I could work on the time management and where I work. Outside wasn't the best choice of recording, Especially when it was windy. Overall Rileigh and I did an outstanding!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

Description: In math time we have been learning to do addition and subtraction in a few different ways. PVP- Place Value & Partonishning, R/C- Rounding & Compensating, Reversibility and Equal Additon. I'm in Troy A, and he has given us this " Rebel sport maths " it looks like this...... The task was to complete all four questions, but, since we are in stage six we had to do two of each. So we did eight questions all up!

Big Idea: I used a number of strategy's on these math problems. But I mainly used Equal Additon on most of the strategy. 

Feedback/feedforward:I think you have done a really clear image of your work but I think that you could show your main strategy to show what Equal addition cause some of us might not know what it is. But apart from that you have done really well! Katie:)

Evaluation: Thanks Katie, I agree. I problem should of explained the strategy's a bit more then I have already done. I think I did well in using the right strategy for the right question. Also, I think I did well in taking the photo of my maths, it is really clear. I could work on keeping my math work neat and tidy.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


This is my writing....
In troys sentence group we watched a movie about a mouse that was different. We had to recreate our own version of the story in writing. The red are the complex sentences in my writing. My story is about a Rottweiler puppy called Luna Pawz. She has been passed on for so long, just because she has a disabilitie. Read the story to find out more!

Big idea: My goal is complex sentence. In case you want a little reminder here is an exsample.
- Luna is a dog - simple sentence 
-Luna is a dog, with really fluffy fur- Complex sentence

Please enjoy :) 

Evaluation: I think I did well on my writing because I know I used a lot of complex sentences. If this story hooks me in then it should hook others in. I think I could work I just putting in the speech marks when my characters talk. Overall I think I did really well.

Feedback/feedforward: You have some great complex sentences and a lot of them. You have very detailed writing. Next time you could maybe put some short sentences in because you have a lot of long sentences.   -Georgia :D 

Science Portfolio Sample

Description: Almost a month ago poutama decided to do science. We went through a number of science rotations. First we went to Suzanne she was teaching us about the digestive system, then we went to Troy with animal/food chains. And finally we went to ebony with animal adaptions. After this, we chose our first and second favourite of the rotation. I ended up with troy. It's already really fun!

Big idea: We are learning about animal and food, food chains. We have to make a series of art works, diagrams and posters. At this stage we are focusing on foods. Now some people ( such as Bella ) thinks everything comes from the supermarket. But that is not true. Our food goes through a lot of care to get to us.... All thanks to the sun. Without the sun we would not have food, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did a grand job in your post and the effort you have put into it. I really like your pictures. Next time maybe you could go over it with vivid so it is a bit clearer. Georgia :)

Evaluation: I agree with Georgia. I think I did a great job on my drawings and the effort. All I think I could work on is to make the lines abit neater and do a bit more extra detail. :D

Monday, 1 June 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample

Description: I'm in comprehension. In my comprehension work shops I am learning to make text to self, text to text and text to world. These things are things that help us to relate to what is happening in the world, text or something that relates to yourself. 

Success criteria: I am aiming to get better at text to text connections, this is because I find it hard to relate to a piece of text I've read and a piece I am reading. But my strong point is text to world connections.

Big idea: We had to make a poster about text to world connections. Text to world connections are when you have a piece of text and you can relate the text to something happening in the world. I made this poster, relating to the earthquakes in Nepal to an article in the paper how earthquakes can effect peoples lives.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did very with your presentation you can work on putting a little more detail in your sentence's Emma.

Evaluation: I think I did an awesome job on presenting and decorating my poster. In my poster I obviously used text to WORLD connections. I think I am good at text to world connections because my love of " researching " is a good skill to have when looking for an option in the world.