Sunday, 7 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

Description: In math time we have been learning to do addition and subtraction in a few different ways. PVP- Place Value & Partonishning, R/C- Rounding & Compensating, Reversibility and Equal Additon. I'm in Troy A, and he has given us this " Rebel sport maths " it looks like this...... The task was to complete all four questions, but, since we are in stage six we had to do two of each. So we did eight questions all up!

Big Idea: I used a number of strategy's on these math problems. But I mainly used Equal Additon on most of the strategy. 

Feedback/feedforward:I think you have done a really clear image of your work but I think that you could show your main strategy to show what Equal addition cause some of us might not know what it is. But apart from that you have done really well! Katie:)

Evaluation: Thanks Katie, I agree. I problem should of explained the strategy's a bit more then I have already done. I think I did well in using the right strategy for the right question. Also, I think I did well in taking the photo of my maths, it is really clear. I could work on keeping my math work neat and tidy.


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  2. Olivia, you have clearly shown how you solved these questions and what strategy you have used. I am impressed with how you chose to present this and it makes it very easy for your viewers to see how to do each strategy. This is an exemplary post, Well Done!