Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Description: In ET REO we have been learning how to say the food in our lunch boxes and how to put them in scentences like if we like them or not in Maori, me and my friend Rileigh made a video on puppet pals showing us using them and asking each other what food we liked or disliked. In this discussion you can notice food comes out in almost every sentence. Can you tell what we are saying?


Big idea: The task was in ET REO was to create a video to show our maori learning. We call this maori learning our lunch box ET REO. We had to make a well done video with pronunciation that was correct and we had to use some out of the box thinking such as adding foods into our video. I was successful with working with Rileigh-Kaye because we are such good friends!

Feedback/Feed forward:  Great Job Olivia, I loved your detailed description. I also loved your video ( you are very good at pronouncing your maori words). Next time I think that you could speck a bit louder so that we can hear you clearly. Great job! -Hannah K

Evaluation: I think I did an Amazing job on the pronunciation. I thought I was very fluent when I spoke  in the video and It really didn't sound like I was reading from a book. I think I could work on the time management and where I work. Outside wasn't the best choice of recording, Especially when it was windy. Overall Rileigh and I did an outstanding!

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  1. Olivia, you and RK did a fantastic job of this video. It was awesome to see you guys use vocab that we haven't learnt yet or are harder to use. One question, why did you blow them up at the end?? I know you love animals and isn't that cruelty to them?