Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Passion Project Term 3

WALT use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups

Big idea/task:For my passion project, I have been leaning towardsagainst plans on the Harakeke. Rosalind, Emma, Rileigh and I are focusing on revamping the Harakeke, like putting some new flax and native shrubbery into the space or even cut down the tower of terror ( the tree ) We want to bring the Harakeke back to life. Add as much more Māori culture as we can.
My passion has grown for the Harakeke and we are looking forward to when our job has been done.

Evidence: When we went and interviewed David, he gave me a folder with all the precious information about the Harakeke and the flax, layout and original plans for the space. We wrote this info down in a doc and we shared it with our group so we could all contribute into this passion project. We also have been throwing out ideas we could do, aswell as talking to Dave ( jetts dad ) he is an outside designer! THIS IS SOME INFO....

New Zealand Flax
Phormium tenax

The value placed on the flax plant by the old-time Māori can perhaps be assessed by the astonishment expressed by some chiefs in the early days of contact when apprised of the fact the plant did not grow in England. They asked "how is it possible to live there without it?" - Colenso 1891. It wasn't long before Pākehā settler found he couldn't do without flax either in those first years, being so far away from supplies of manufactured goods. 
A commission was even sent up to report to the New Zealand parliament as to the best ways to prepare flax for manufacture, and many learned gentlemen gave their views. All parts of the plant were used by the Māori for one purpose or another, including medicinal. Specific varieties did specific jobs: one variety for the soft fibre produced, another for its strength, another for its capacity to take dye, etc. 
Appropriately for a plant of such importance, it's Māori ancestral line is impeccable, being descended from one of the sons of Rangi (the Sky Father), a celestial entity named Haumia Tiketike who also presides over fern root, rahurahu, and the hebe species, koromiko, through his son Tuna-Rangi.

Feedback/Feedforward: Great job Olivia, it looks like you have been working really hard on the Harakeke! It is also good that you have talked to some experts. I have also been sometimes sitting near you and I have heard some really good conversations in your group! Great Job! -Hannah K

Evaluation: My group and I are so nearly there! After having a talk with a few experts we have been put on track. We have been working well together and agreeing on other ideas. I found it hard gathering knowledge at the start but now it's pretty easy! 

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Description: Every Friday we have been focusing on production. We went through a series of "tasters" which means we went through workshops with Troy, Rebecca and Kate/Elly. There were 3 themes.
Troy: Elements
Rebecca: Heroes and Villains 
Kate: Out of Africa 
I'm in Kate's, which is out of Africa. After we got into our groups we created our very own mood board.  We incorperated the designs, fabric, colours, animals and cultural items about Africa. This is mine!

Big idea: I have decided to be an Africa Elephant sunset ( if that makes sence ) it will be and elephant with the colours of a sunset. I am planning on making the elephant out of cardboard and painting it to look like a sunset. I wear it like a bag with to holes for my arms to fit through. This is my progress
< from this

< To this

< Then this

< Taadaa! All done... The front...

... And the back!

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: Cardboard, Paint ( acrylic, face, water based paints ) buttons, ribbons and a rubber band ( using staples, strong woody cardboard and masking tape to hold it together )

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: Getting the really flimsy cardboard to a more strong structure.

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: Holding it together. It was really flimsy at the time and I was worried it might not work!

4) Something I am really proud of about production was: The paint mixture. The paint really soaks up the word Africa! It's blended in awesomely and it really looks good from far away.

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence! I showed this by: Creating something out of this world! I mean seriously, you don't see people making a sunset elephant mad out of cardboard do you? The answer for that is NO! My idea is original ( until it looks to similar to my sisters class who are making cardboard dinosaurs like mine but not a Dino! That's sort of where my idea grew from )

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Description: In Troys writing group we are focusing on sentences. I am working on a mixture of short and long sentences. I am trying to get better at this by making short, suspenseful sentences and long, awesome sentences!

Big idea: My goal is to use a mixture of short and long sentences in my writing. I always use long sentences, so my prioritie is to focus on my short sentences. We got a picture ( it's down at the bottom of my post. My iPad go's weird sometimes ) and we were motivated by this outstanding photo!

Feedback & Feedforward: I liked how you added a personal voice and your twist to the story, Sadly, there was nothing bad in this story, escept for the swearing, but that is my opinion, so it was all awesome!   - Rileigh :D

Evaluation: I agree with Rileigh ( not meaning to brag ) I think I did a great job, probably my best piece of writing yet! I used a great mixture of short and long sentences which is my goal. I'll just need to work on my speech marks like my inverted commars. - Me :D

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample

Description: Since I'm in summaring I had to do a specific Tic-Tac-Toe. For one of my Tic-Tac-Toes I did the World Body Painting Competition with Rileigh. Doing this activity, we had to summarise what happened at this event. We read an article about what happened and what they did. So instead of just writing a summarising piece, Rileigh-Kaye and I decided to make a video. 

This competition was held on the 3rd of July to the 5th of July in Austria......   <------- This is the Video!!!!  <3  ( it didn't let me imbed :( ) 
Big idea: At first I didn't know how to summarise properly but since I have been going to the work shops I have made a big amount of progress in how to summarise the main event if it's in a story, an article or in this case an event. During summarising activities, I always struggled to get small bits of writing out of a big story! 

Feedback and feedforward: I love your Body Painting Report. You spoke nice and clear. You completed that task thoroughly and I was very interested in hearing what you had to say about Body Painting. I think you might need to put a few more pictures on so that visual learners are interested to. I love your video. Great Job! Rosalind :}

Evaluation: I think I did a great job on speaking clearly and speaking from the heart at some points. I also liked the way we used the sound affects and pictures they really added a little something to the video. I think, I personally maybe even rileigh struggled with getting the words right so that it would look like we are real reporters not some kids ready from a book. Overall we did an outstanding job! :}

Sunday, 2 August 2015


This is my writing!

The Murderer With.....The Blunt Knife?!

One day in a small city there lived Chloe, the richest teenager ever! And Goose the sneakiest murderer ever to live. Now.... Time to get started.. As Goose hatched his plan as he acted as an outcasted hobo, peering at the teenager who just bought one of the most expensive valuable diamond rings in the world, he waited till night so he could capture the RING! When night fell upon the city, he moved with slickness through the shadows like a stray cat and his black clothing blended in with his 'night crawling' surroundings. As he clambered up the skyscraper, peering through the window he laid his eyes upon...... A LADY IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!! ( Whoops he said embarrassingly ) As he popped his head back down....

It was 12.30 at night, she NOW was in bed..... Finally..... Goose lunged himself and commando rolled onto her bean bag. As Chloe snored away, hugging her minion plush tightly, she had know idea what she was in for. Goose stood up, almost knocking over a $530 dollar lamp with his butt and yanked out his knife ( he had to yank it out of his underwear because he doesn't have pockets so he put it in his pants. It got tangled in his undies ) anyway......

With a burp that woke up Chloe, he pushed the knife into..... OH?! It didn't go through at all, as Chloe screamed he continuously kept stabbing and stabbing but he soon realised it was BLUNT?! He failed Gary! His partner in crime! His very own brother " NOOOO " he cried. As Chloe, still screaming, pushed him out of the window..... He landed face first on the concrete. With blue trickling down his face like a flowing stream, his life ended HE JUST DIED!?Goose died a slow and dark death, as Gary bravely looked on. THE END!

By Olivia :) & Emma ;)