Sunday, 2 August 2015


This is my writing!

The Murderer With.....The Blunt Knife?!

One day in a small city there lived Chloe, the richest teenager ever! And Goose the sneakiest murderer ever to live. Now.... Time to get started.. As Goose hatched his plan as he acted as an outcasted hobo, peering at the teenager who just bought one of the most expensive valuable diamond rings in the world, he waited till night so he could capture the RING! When night fell upon the city, he moved with slickness through the shadows like a stray cat and his black clothing blended in with his 'night crawling' surroundings. As he clambered up the skyscraper, peering through the window he laid his eyes upon...... A LADY IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!! ( Whoops he said embarrassingly ) As he popped his head back down....

It was 12.30 at night, she NOW was in bed..... Finally..... Goose lunged himself and commando rolled onto her bean bag. As Chloe snored away, hugging her minion plush tightly, she had know idea what she was in for. Goose stood up, almost knocking over a $530 dollar lamp with his butt and yanked out his knife ( he had to yank it out of his underwear because he doesn't have pockets so he put it in his pants. It got tangled in his undies ) anyway......

With a burp that woke up Chloe, he pushed the knife into..... OH?! It didn't go through at all, as Chloe screamed he continuously kept stabbing and stabbing but he soon realised it was BLUNT?! He failed Gary! His partner in crime! His very own brother " NOOOO " he cried. As Chloe, still screaming, pushed him out of the window..... He landed face first on the concrete. With blue trickling down his face like a flowing stream, his life ended HE JUST DIED!?Goose died a slow and dark death, as Gary bravely looked on. THE END!

By Olivia :) & Emma ;)

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