Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Inquiry :)

About inquiry: I'm in the lovely Graduation inquiry with Troy ( the best teacher in the world! ) And I am in the photo booth group with Rileigh-Kaye. With a giant piece of cardboard, PVA glue, 12 and a half printed graffiti paper and that's how we created the photo booth background!
We used blue paint and white paint but it's yet to be finished.... The photo booth frame. Inspired by the Instagram frame on the website.... That was Troys great idea!!!! Here it is

Reflection: We have made a lot of improvement. We have added features to the Instagram frame, cut and perfected the graffiti background. Then we made a photo booth sign indicating where the photo booth will stand.

< This is the finished frame and the background behind it.

< this is the photo booth sign made by Rileigh and myself.
How will this benefit/effect others? It will benefit and effect others in a good way because we are preparing one of the most special years for RSS's year 6's. Also, the props and background represent how we are young and fun so it gives us a bit of freedom.

What would you add/take away? I would love to add one of those arrows that flash and direct    passing people to where the photo booth is. But, I wouldn't mind taking off the finger prints but unfortunately we had to add them because there were already big black smudges!

When did you think your work would be done? I personally thought it would have been done round the middle of inquiry but we bearly got it finished on the last day. But Rileigh-Kaye and I are very proud of what we have done!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Bloom Questions 2- Buddy

#1 Create a character that could be Ash's best friend? I think my buddy (  Thomas ) could be Ash's best friend because Thomas could easily out run a lion, but, if it could not be Thomas it would have to be different of Ash. Nerdy, weak, asks less questions. Otherwise, I think ash can just chill with Ranan.

#2 Tell me another time when a person told you about a friend dying? That has never happened to me before.

#3 What do you think Ash was feeling when the Moran told his story? I think Ash could of felt a but emotional. Sad mainly. But I'm thinking that he was quite curious about what happened with the lion and his friend plus why did the lion attack? 

How would have you handled the situation when sempuku's friend died? It would have been sad and unfortunate that someone had died by Ash's worst nightmare.... The lion! And since you only just met the Moran people so it wouldn't of been terribly tear worthy.  

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bloom Questions - Buddy

#1 Tell me another time you got attacked by an animal? I haven't really been attacked but since my dog, yogi, is a puppy he gets rough and starts having a fit if he doesn't get what he wants ( he is basicaly like a toddler ) so he bites.

#2 What would have happened if Ranan missed the shot at the baboon? Well, if it had missed the baboon could launch itself at Ash or Ranan and cause serious injuries or even death!

#3 Why did Ranan come back to save Ash? He didn't really leave him. He just went out a few metres away to find a rock to through at the baboon. But I'm taking it that Ranan did kinda ditch Ash but at least he made up for it by conquering the beastly baboon.

#4 Why do you think Ash didn't want to sleep in the hut? Okay, so there is one OVIOUS reason..... The hut is made out of poo so why would you want to sleep in there, and there was another man sleeping on the same mattress as home and his dad and another man is the same room also.   

Monday, 9 November 2015

Thursday, 5 November 2015


I think I am a Self Agentic learner because ( Troy said so ) and I am always trying my best and that I always get the job done in time but up to standard of the big boss ( troy )

The goal that I am currently working on is I consciously seek the cognitive wobble to enhance my learning. 

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are focusing on who my blockers and drivers are but also making sure I don't go off track around friends or classmates that will distract me, and to attempt to get myself deeper into the cognitive wobble. :D

Monday, 26 October 2015

Bloom Questions :)

1. Why is every one crowding ash when he gets there: because they probably haven't seen a light skinned person in a while or before. To add onto that he has blonde hair!

2. How would you of handled ashes situations when his dad said he couldn't go to Africa: I would have asked " please " a few times until I KNOW that he won't let me and/or just say to myself " another day, another time " but I would be disappointed that I missed out on that really cool experience!

3. Describe what ash would of thought when he was now allowed to go to Africa: he would of been overflowing with rage, he would of been really devastated that's he was not allowed to come because of silly reasons like his dad didn't want him to miss out on school work.

4. Do you think ash would be embarrassed because he was different: I don't think he was embarrassed I just think he found it weird because he kept getting steered at by people that have never seem his " type " before.

Dark things

I'm not dark..... I can just think of dark things.... :)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Follow up task # chapter 3-6

  • What do you think about Ash’s first impressions of Africa?  I think that he thought that Africa were people in colourful clothing and a fun but humid place full of wild life along with it being boring and having gross food and factory's. 
  • Why do you think he says, “Dad, everything’s weird?”  (p.23) I think because he isn't used to people staring at him and everyone around him is wearing something weird like big earlobe/baseball earrings or fancy multicoloured pyjama type headdresses and clothing.  

  • Who is the author targeting with this humour: “I put a pair of socks at the top of my pack.  I’d worn them at gym class for a week and road tested them on Gran.  She nearly passed out and said a word I’d get grounded for saying when she opened my pack to check that I had my comb”? (p. 26) Give reasons for your opinion. I'm not COMPLETELY sure but I think they are targeting people who don't CLEAN there stuff propaly or not at all. And there can be the option of people who look through your bags /luggage and if you put some dirty laundry on the top the can the bothered to look through the rest of the suitcase because they'd probably think it's full of dirty, filthy, gross clothing that the owners couldn't be bothered to get off there butts and wash it! 

  • Do you think Ash’s comments about coming “face to face with a bunch of cannibals” (p.27) are appropriate or offensive? What helped you form your opinion? Well, I wouldn't say that it's offensive but it's not really appropriate either. Alas, I have to choose. I think it's more offensive because he is basing a dream on reality, like he may think that African and/or african culture has something to do with being fierce, cruel and all around cannibal but it's false.

  • Do you think the government should stop lions being killed for ceremonial purposes? (p.35) What is your stance on this issue? It really depends on how many lions are left... If it's a dangerously low number ( which it potentially become true ) but if it's a high number I don't see why not..  

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Sign Of A Warrior Follow Up...2

It’s a magic word that transports me to a deep, dark, lion-infested jungle, where drums are beating and the men with spears held high are as black as bat wings.” (p.2)  Is Ash’s perception of Africa realistic or a biased view formed from misinformation?  What’s your opinion?  
I think it's just misinformation he got from a dream he had when he was about 7 because Africa isn't really like that. It's more like a vibrant colourful country with smiles, huts and creativity. Ash is just got a really wild image of a wildly amazing place!

“I can see he (Dad) could do with some hugging, but there’s a table and a you-left-me-behind space between us.” (p.7) What inferences can you make from this text? What is meant by you-left-me-behind space?
When it said " you-left-me-behind space " it's sounds like Ash is holding a grudge from that one experience when he couldn't come with his dad overseas and now he is realising the table is a good barrier between him and his father. And don't you think he is sounding a bit lazy when he ads the table into the event?

Can you identify with the way Ash “plays his cards” (pp.6-8) when he tries to persuade Dad to take him to Africa? When have you “played cards” to persuade someone to accept your way of thinking?
Ash is trying to take the mickey out of his dad by persuading him and approaching him with different stratergys like when you play with cards you need the BEST stratergy to win the game and this is like what happens when you are REALLY playing cards.

Monday, 12 October 2015

The sign of a warrior

# I chose ' The Sign Of A Warrior ' because the page that you read here has a lot of detail about where this character is based at... Which is Africa..... From the very first sentence to the last sentence it hooked me in and since I love descriptive language this is an amazing book for me!

# The front cover of this book appeals to me because I love animals so the lion and the spider appealed to my ' animal standard ' I also like the way it silhouetted. But why is man holding a spear? Is it a spear or stick? Is the lion in the middle of a kill zone with that man?! Is he a hunter/poacher? Why has the lion not noticed him?

# What hooked me in was the blurb. The bottom piece of text in the blurb sounds like the character is down in the dumps with 2 sort of opinions on the...... Holiday?  Also, the end of the blurb ' a lion is pinning him down' really gives you a sense of anxiousness and suspense. Is this man gonna kill the lion? Or will he save the day by tranquillising it and giving it to the proper authorities? Does he risk himself for the person who's getting attacked? Or will he run away in fear? 

Predictions: Maybe the man in the background is the baddy so he is going to kill the lion pretending that it was killing someone. Or the lion is the baddy and he attacks someone and ' the sign of a warrior' is the man defending the victim by slaying the lion or scaring it away. Along with the spider? I think this because the cover and the blurb explains a lot but not everything......