Monday, 23 November 2015

Bloom Questions 2- Buddy

#1 Create a character that could be Ash's best friend? I think my buddy (  Thomas ) could be Ash's best friend because Thomas could easily out run a lion, but, if it could not be Thomas it would have to be different of Ash. Nerdy, weak, asks less questions. Otherwise, I think ash can just chill with Ranan.

#2 Tell me another time when a person told you about a friend dying? That has never happened to me before.

#3 What do you think Ash was feeling when the Moran told his story? I think Ash could of felt a but emotional. Sad mainly. But I'm thinking that he was quite curious about what happened with the lion and his friend plus why did the lion attack? 

How would have you handled the situation when sempuku's friend died? It would have been sad and unfortunate that someone had died by Ash's worst nightmare.... The lion! And since you only just met the Moran people so it wouldn't of been terribly tear worthy.  

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