Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Recrafted paragraph

We came to the top of the stairs. And there we were, standing in a small dark room. It was a rather unsavoury place to be. At the end of the room, in a dome, was the dog stone. It's beautiful faint blue glow made an inch of the room light up. It was such a majestic Jewel that we started to steer. Suddenly the lights flicked on. And there, standing right there in front were fang and shard. And fluffy. Evil doctor fluffy. " well who do we have here" he said" wow, he's one stubborn Pomeranian " I whispered to crystal. " fang, shard. GET THEM!!!!" He barked. The guards leaped towards us. We dodged them and broke the glass dome. I snatched the dog stone and shoved it into a pocket in my detective coat. " NO!" He yelled. " you'll pay for this!, all investigators will pay!!!" He howled. 

Reflection: I could of worked on my language features. To use presice words to make my story stand out in different parts.... First, middle, end

I enjoy writing with Suzanne.
I hope you enjoy my chosen paragraph

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Inquiry reflection ;)

This is my inquiry reflection. I enjoy my drama inquiry! :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Learning pit sample

The Learning Pit
WALA: The Learning Pit

Description: We have been learning about when good learning happens.  
Task: Share what you know about the learning pit.

Draw the Learning Pit.
List at least 3 feelings that you might have when you are in the pit.
List at least 3 strategies that you could use to get out of the pit.
Label where good learning happens.
List 3 things you could say to yourself when you are in the pit.

How did I feel when I was in the pit?  Frustrated because it was hard to work under so much pressure but at the same time I felt that if I took little steps at a time that I can do a lot more things better, neater and faster.
What did I do to work out of the pit? I took a lot of determination and I made it show. I took little steps and I got myself out of the pit in no time.

Feedback/Feedforward:you really put a lot of effort into your drawing I like it.:-) and you really told me how you felt when you were in the pit. Next time I would like to see some colour in your post. Maias🐹

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Te REO Maori poster

This poster is by Olivia, Rileigh-Kaye and Maia S
Our poster can teach you about some feelings and sentences in Maori. We used Maori colours and our favourite colours. We went to workshops with ebony, elly, troy. We decided to each go to a different group. I went to Elly, Maia went to Troy and Rileigh went to Ebony. We added different types of decoration. E.G. Korus. We added a picture of a waka to make it more.... Realistic. We used bright colour and enthusiasm. Hope you enjoy it as much as us!!
Ebony: fonts 
Troy: colour 
Elly: angles
WALT: communicate a message.
Description: We have been participating in 3 different workshops around colour, compositions and fonts.  We put these skills to use in a poster sharing our knowledge about Te Reo Maori.

Why? We have noticed that our posters are too cluttered and do not communicate a  message well.
Task: Make a poster about Te Reo Maori.
Complete the criteria with targets to show your reflection.   Reflect on the evaluation questions below.
Please use the below targets to complete this self assessment:
* * *
Message: My message is clear and purposeful.  Everything that is on my poster relates to my message. 
Composition:  My poster is balanced. 
Font:  My font is clear, readable and suits the message.
Colour:  I have used 2-3 colours that are complementary.  My background choice makes the text pop!

Accuracy:  All of the words on my poster are spelt correctly.
What are you most proud of and why? I am most proud of the way we used colour and deco to make the poster POP! 

What challenged you the most and why? The thing that challenged me the most was the coping of the Maori words and feelings also the way the time wizzed past us like a spread train.

Next time, what is a goal you can work towards? To make teamwork into friendship and personality. The neatness we need to work on aswell.
Feedforward/feedback: I think it is good but you could improve by having how it is by