Thursday, 24 September 2015

Image prompts

This is my image prompt I did for my tic Tac toe....
This is the image prompt photo

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Te REO Portfolio

Description: When the people in kapa haka go a big group of is do te reo. During ET REO we have been focusing on maori body parts. We had to make a piece teaching people maori body parts. Firstly we selected who we were working with, then the audience age group, then or activity ( poster, puppet pals etc...) once we chose, we put the piece together and showed it to the teachers..... This is what I did

Group: Emma, Rileigh and I ( me )
Audience: 5 years old
What we did: Puppet pals

This is my video.... Enjoy!

Big idea: The task was to make it so all ages can understand. We had to put the maori word along side the English word, aswell as having a picture so people can understand the message we are trying to send across! We had a limited time to complete the challenge and in the end we shared it with the ET REO group and they cracked up at the.... Um.... Kumu bit ( bum )

Feedback and Feedforward:  I think five year olds will love the humor but next time you could work on the back ground noise because people can hear wind at the start :)-Kate

Evaluation: I think I did a really good job of speaking clarely and making it understandable for the audience. When Rileigh, Emma and I shared it everyone really enjoyed it ( really when the kumu/bum part ) I think we could of worked on where we recorded because you can here the wind in the start of our video. Overall, I did an awesome job doing everything, especially working together with my group!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In Troy A, we have been focusing on the appropriate/efficient strategy. This term, we are doing it around multiplication. In every workshop I attened, I want to find the most efficient strategy to work from. 

To solve this question I doubled 35...
Twice: 70
Four Times: 140
Five Times: 175
Since that's 5 away from 180 the answer would be 5 remainder 5 which is 6. This strategy is KF

To solve this question you split the 180 into 70, 70 and 40. Now you see how many 35's there are in70,70 and 40, which gives you the answers below that. 2,2 and 1 plus them together and that equals 5. But, since there's 5 left in the 40 it will be 5 remainder 5= 6 I used the strategy 

To solve this question you double the 15 to make it a 30 and half the 12 to make 6

3x6= 18
Add a 0
30x6= 180
I used the stratergy doubling and halving stratergy which is technically PLAT

To solve this you take away 2 from the 12 to make 10 and I know that 15x10= 150
15x2= 30
150+30= 180
I used the stratergy PVP

Big Idea: So in the workshops Troy provides, we focus on multiplying and dividing in different strategy's. These are some of the strategy's...... 

PVP= Place Value Partishoning
KF= Known Facts
RV= Reversibility  
PLAT= Proportional Adjustment 
These photos are my working.......... :D  

Evaluation: I think I improved in my division and multiplication during the workshops because the  way that he tort me really motivated me to do better. I think I need to work on my multiplication and thinking quick.

Feedback/feedforward: I like the way that you worked it out. You only have abit to work on and that is the zero on the PVP looks like a 6