Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Te REO Portfolio

Description: When the people in kapa haka go a big group of is do te reo. During ET REO we have been focusing on maori body parts. We had to make a piece teaching people maori body parts. Firstly we selected who we were working with, then the audience age group, then or activity ( poster, puppet pals etc...) once we chose, we put the piece together and showed it to the teachers..... This is what I did

Group: Emma, Rileigh and I ( me )
Audience: 5 years old
What we did: Puppet pals

This is my video.... Enjoy!

Big idea: The task was to make it so all ages can understand. We had to put the maori word along side the English word, aswell as having a picture so people can understand the message we are trying to send across! We had a limited time to complete the challenge and in the end we shared it with the ET REO group and they cracked up at the.... Um.... Kumu bit ( bum )

Feedback and Feedforward:  I think five year olds will love the humor but next time you could work on the back ground noise because people can hear wind at the start :)-Kate

Evaluation: I think I did a really good job of speaking clarely and making it understandable for the audience. When Rileigh, Emma and I shared it everyone really enjoyed it ( really when the kumu/bum part ) I think we could of worked on where we recorded because you can here the wind in the start of our video. Overall, I did an awesome job doing everything, especially working together with my group!

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  1. We al enjoyed the humour you put into your video and I think it would be great for the audience you chose. It is a great teaching tool to help others learn the body parts in Maori. Well done a great video and well written post about your learning. (Great to see the teamwork)