Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bloom Questions - Buddy

#1 Tell me another time you got attacked by an animal? I haven't really been attacked but since my dog, yogi, is a puppy he gets rough and starts having a fit if he doesn't get what he wants ( he is basicaly like a toddler ) so he bites.

#2 What would have happened if Ranan missed the shot at the baboon? Well, if it had missed the baboon could launch itself at Ash or Ranan and cause serious injuries or even death!

#3 Why did Ranan come back to save Ash? He didn't really leave him. He just went out a few metres away to find a rock to through at the baboon. But I'm taking it that Ranan did kinda ditch Ash but at least he made up for it by conquering the beastly baboon.

#4 Why do you think Ash didn't want to sleep in the hut? Okay, so there is one OVIOUS reason..... The hut is made out of poo so why would you want to sleep in there, and there was another man sleeping on the same mattress as home and his dad and another man is the same room also.   

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