Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Inquiry :)

About inquiry: I'm in the lovely Graduation inquiry with Troy ( the best teacher in the world! ) And I am in the photo booth group with Rileigh-Kaye. With a giant piece of cardboard, PVA glue, 12 and a half printed graffiti paper and that's how we created the photo booth background!
We used blue paint and white paint but it's yet to be finished.... The photo booth frame. Inspired by the Instagram frame on the website.... That was Troys great idea!!!! Here it is

Reflection: We have made a lot of improvement. We have added features to the Instagram frame, cut and perfected the graffiti background. Then we made a photo booth sign indicating where the photo booth will stand.

< This is the finished frame and the background behind it.

< this is the photo booth sign made by Rileigh and myself.
How will this benefit/effect others? It will benefit and effect others in a good way because we are preparing one of the most special years for RSS's year 6's. Also, the props and background represent how we are young and fun so it gives us a bit of freedom.

What would you add/take away? I would love to add one of those arrows that flash and direct    passing people to where the photo booth is. But, I wouldn't mind taking off the finger prints but unfortunately we had to add them because there were already big black smudges!

When did you think your work would be done? I personally thought it would have been done round the middle of inquiry but we bearly got it finished on the last day. But Rileigh-Kaye and I are very proud of what we have done!

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