Monday, 19 October 2015

The Sign Of A Warrior Follow Up...2

It’s a magic word that transports me to a deep, dark, lion-infested jungle, where drums are beating and the men with spears held high are as black as bat wings.” (p.2)  Is Ash’s perception of Africa realistic or a biased view formed from misinformation?  What’s your opinion?  
I think it's just misinformation he got from a dream he had when he was about 7 because Africa isn't really like that. It's more like a vibrant colourful country with smiles, huts and creativity. Ash is just got a really wild image of a wildly amazing place!

“I can see he (Dad) could do with some hugging, but there’s a table and a you-left-me-behind space between us.” (p.7) What inferences can you make from this text? What is meant by you-left-me-behind space?
When it said " you-left-me-behind space " it's sounds like Ash is holding a grudge from that one experience when he couldn't come with his dad overseas and now he is realising the table is a good barrier between him and his father. And don't you think he is sounding a bit lazy when he ads the table into the event?

Can you identify with the way Ash “plays his cards” (pp.6-8) when he tries to persuade Dad to take him to Africa? When have you “played cards” to persuade someone to accept your way of thinking?
Ash is trying to take the mickey out of his dad by persuading him and approaching him with different stratergys like when you play with cards you need the BEST stratergy to win the game and this is like what happens when you are REALLY playing cards.

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