Monday, 12 October 2015

The sign of a warrior

# I chose ' The Sign Of A Warrior ' because the page that you read here has a lot of detail about where this character is based at... Which is Africa..... From the very first sentence to the last sentence it hooked me in and since I love descriptive language this is an amazing book for me!

# The front cover of this book appeals to me because I love animals so the lion and the spider appealed to my ' animal standard ' I also like the way it silhouetted. But why is man holding a spear? Is it a spear or stick? Is the lion in the middle of a kill zone with that man?! Is he a hunter/poacher? Why has the lion not noticed him?

# What hooked me in was the blurb. The bottom piece of text in the blurb sounds like the character is down in the dumps with 2 sort of opinions on the...... Holiday?  Also, the end of the blurb ' a lion is pinning him down' really gives you a sense of anxiousness and suspense. Is this man gonna kill the lion? Or will he save the day by tranquillising it and giving it to the proper authorities? Does he risk himself for the person who's getting attacked? Or will he run away in fear? 

Predictions: Maybe the man in the background is the baddy so he is going to kill the lion pretending that it was killing someone. Or the lion is the baddy and he attacks someone and ' the sign of a warrior' is the man defending the victim by slaying the lion or scaring it away. Along with the spider? I think this because the cover and the blurb explains a lot but not everything......

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