Thursday, 22 October 2015

Follow up task # chapter 3-6

  • What do you think about Ash’s first impressions of Africa?  I think that he thought that Africa were people in colourful clothing and a fun but humid place full of wild life along with it being boring and having gross food and factory's. 
  • Why do you think he says, “Dad, everything’s weird?”  (p.23) I think because he isn't used to people staring at him and everyone around him is wearing something weird like big earlobe/baseball earrings or fancy multicoloured pyjama type headdresses and clothing.  

  • Who is the author targeting with this humour: “I put a pair of socks at the top of my pack.  I’d worn them at gym class for a week and road tested them on Gran.  She nearly passed out and said a word I’d get grounded for saying when she opened my pack to check that I had my comb”? (p. 26) Give reasons for your opinion. I'm not COMPLETELY sure but I think they are targeting people who don't CLEAN there stuff propaly or not at all. And there can be the option of people who look through your bags /luggage and if you put some dirty laundry on the top the can the bothered to look through the rest of the suitcase because they'd probably think it's full of dirty, filthy, gross clothing that the owners couldn't be bothered to get off there butts and wash it! 

  • Do you think Ash’s comments about coming “face to face with a bunch of cannibals” (p.27) are appropriate or offensive? What helped you form your opinion? Well, I wouldn't say that it's offensive but it's not really appropriate either. Alas, I have to choose. I think it's more offensive because he is basing a dream on reality, like he may think that African and/or african culture has something to do with being fierce, cruel and all around cannibal but it's false.

  • Do you think the government should stop lions being killed for ceremonial purposes? (p.35) What is your stance on this issue? It really depends on how many lions are left... If it's a dangerously low number ( which it potentially become true ) but if it's a high number I don't see why not..  

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