Monday, 26 October 2015

Bloom Questions :)

1. Why is every one crowding ash when he gets there: because they probably haven't seen a light skinned person in a while or before. To add onto that he has blonde hair!

2. How would you of handled ashes situations when his dad said he couldn't go to Africa: I would have asked " please " a few times until I KNOW that he won't let me and/or just say to myself " another day, another time " but I would be disappointed that I missed out on that really cool experience!

3. Describe what ash would of thought when he was now allowed to go to Africa: he would of been overflowing with rage, he would of been really devastated that's he was not allowed to come because of silly reasons like his dad didn't want him to miss out on school work.

4. Do you think ash would be embarrassed because he was different: I don't think he was embarrassed I just think he found it weird because he kept getting steered at by people that have never seem his " type " before.

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