Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Science Portfolio Sample

Description: Almost a month ago poutama decided to do science. We went through a number of science rotations. First we went to Suzanne she was teaching us about the digestive system, then we went to Troy with animal/food chains. And finally we went to ebony with animal adaptions. After this, we chose our first and second favourite of the rotation. I ended up with troy. It's already really fun!

Big idea: We are learning about animal and food, food chains. We have to make a series of art works, diagrams and posters. At this stage we are focusing on foods. Now some people ( such as Bella ) thinks everything comes from the supermarket. But that is not true. Our food goes through a lot of care to get to us.... All thanks to the sun. Without the sun we would not have food, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did a grand job in your post and the effort you have put into it. I really like your pictures. Next time maybe you could go over it with vivid so it is a bit clearer. Georgia :)

Evaluation: I agree with Georgia. I think I did a great job on my drawings and the effort. All I think I could work on is to make the lines abit neater and do a bit more extra detail. :D

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  1. Olivia, Thank you so much for the effort and depth you have put into this post and during our science sessions. I really like your illustrations and the detail in your post you have added.