Thursday, 11 September 2014

Writing edited

Eventually, we came to the top of the red spiral stairs. And there we were, squished into a small dark room. The slobber runs down from Crystal’s mouth to my cheek. The wind flowing through the cracks enough to push her bad breath up my nose. It was a rather unsavoury place to be.

At the end of the room, in a dome, was the dog stone. It's majestic faint blue glow made just an inch of the room light up. Suddenly the lights flicked on. And there, standing right in front of us, were fang and shard. And fluffy. Evil doctor fluffy. " well who do we have here" he said" we've been caught by a Pomeranian " I whispered to crystal. " fang, shard. GET THEM!!!!" He barked. The guards lunged towards us. We dodged them and sprinted for the dome. 

I broke the glass and snatched the dog stone. I shoved it into my pocket. 
"NO!" He shouted. " you'll pay for this!, all investigators will pay!!!" He howled. 

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