Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Clay making 2014!

Art sample: Walt mould and add detail
1. I am proud of my clay because I tried really hard to complete my work. And I also took my time by helping others and giving some people great feedback and pretty good feedforward.
2. The thing that challenged me was moulding the clay when it got dry. It challenged me because it got all tough and really hard and it made you think that it is going to crack more. 
3. I enjoyed designing and detailing my clay because it let me know that I can do anything to my clay and I can have my own a pinion.
4. I learnt how to make clay smooth and shiny. You can do this by getting a metal spoon and slowly rub it against the clay until your satisfied with your clay sculpture.
5. Next time I can try to mould it less because it will crack and start to crumble.
By Olivia 😄 

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  1. Gosh! Your Belgium chocolates do look delectable! Excellent reflection on the process - would you like another chance to work with clay?