Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My camp goals

These are my camp goals. I think I chose well, and at camp I hope I will achieve my goals with courage and dignity. I strive to be the best I can be and I hope I am not a blocker for my friends or the people around me.I have a goal I really want to complete That is camp goal number 1. 

I hope I succeed in all of my goals!  
I achieved goal number 1 by pushing with my legs and by using the grip in my hands to hold onto the grips while I clamber up. I used this stratagie because it helped me get higher and higher. Also I never got tired when doing this task right.
I achieved goal number 2 by listening to my team mates and combining our ideas into one. I used this stratagie because i felt it's not fair if other people don't win or get a turn at something they tried their best at to achieve. I think that because I know how it feels from my reputation in a group or a team and it makes you feel like know one is listening and that they don't care about someone else in their group. I think I achieved my goals well because I used alout of strength and courage at camp to complete my tasks. Even though I was five grips away from the top I still achieved my goal.   Olivia bs blog*

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