Thursday, 26 February 2015

Crazy Bus Stop Writing

Purpose: Describe the characteristics of an object.


Have you ever seen a bus stop with snazzy yellow paint, crafted by pieces of old junky buses. Well here's your chance to see one. 25 year old Samantha Green, sculpted a piece of scrap metal to a piece of modern day art. "Me, my husband and to kids Lisa and Michael came up with an idea for us to do in the holidays" Samantha explained. " Daddy let me use the carving knife and paint to sketch in the school bus doorway. Unfortunately I lost my favourite finger, the pinky finger, I have got a fake one now!" Quoted Michael 

An hour later they had managed to melt the bits together. Steve says " My wife just through me a bucket of gleaming yellow paint and she said to me, no lunch until we've smothered this bus stop in paint, I was guttered! I could really go for some fish and chips right about now." After lunch they started working on the details. " We are quite a wealthy family so when we moved to this mansion, we obviously found a hidden room with lots of chainsaws and nails. That is handy if I do say so myself!" Said Samantha.

10 hours later they finished the detailing and shuffled the bus stop out to the street. " I swear there's something missing." Exclaimed Lisa. " Just then I realised what was missing, so I shouted, MUM!!!! We forgot the seat! Mum said she will be back in a minute. A minute later she came back with a brown wooden bench seat. Dad screwed it on and....... Ta dah!  All finished!" Shouted Lisa.

Ever since that day, the stop is a hit. Popular then, popular now!

ARTICLE BY: Olivia Bovey.

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