Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Math testing

DESCRIPTION:On our stage six test we had to highlight the wrong ones pink and the right ones yellow. My math goals are......  Write the numbers, write the words, how many and multiplication facts. We chose a partner to test us on the questions that we got wrong. I had Hannah Kidd, Hannah and I make a good team in school and out. 

 I went flying through stage four and five, But stage six really stumped me. On stage six I went through a number of hard questions mixed with the simple ones. I got a confidence boost and got a score I'm proud of. Math is not my strong point but I found this fun but also challenging. My score was..
Stage 4: %100
Stage 5: % 94
Stage 6:% 57

I'm going to acheive my goal by practising in my own time and studing hard through testing and "quizzing "

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  1. Olivia, I love your attitude towards maths and I am excited to work with you in Stage 6. I know your drive to succeed will help you move through the goals. I look forward to seeing you do heaps of prove its.