Sunday, 22 February 2015


Purpose: Describe using our senses.
Task: A time I had to pretend I liked a particular food.
Description: Rooms 14, 13 and 12 are writing about a time when we had to eat a type of food that we do not like. I had trouble at the start but then I had a brain wave. Enjoy.......


* I remember being handed the stiff, brown stick of terror.
* What maniac would turn beautiful, succulent crocodile into this putrid....... JERKY!!!!!
 * I snapped a corner of the "stick" and shoved it into my mouth.
* I crumpled my face trying to smile. The strong pungent  smell lingered around in my breath. The poor crocodile.
* It tasted like dirt mixed with something else gross.
* If I gagged it will hurt their feelings.
 * Here it goes, it's over, even though that pungent taste is still hovering around.

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