Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My swimming

DESCRIPTION: This term we have started swimming again. We made a video to show our skills in the pool. We looked back at to our video and observed what we could get better at. Then we made a goal.

My goal is to: Curve my legs when I am doing breaststroke. I plan to acheive this goal by swimming sports. I am going to acheive this goal by making sure my legs are under water at all times, that way I know if my legs are curved or not. I will practise at school and at home so I am ready for when swimming sports approaches. I will give feedback to others and they will give feedback back to me.


Evaluation: I think I improved because I could really feel my breaststroke legs curving and I could feel my body pushing forward a bit further then my last swimming. Practising my breaststroke made me come 2nd place at swimming sports, I can now NATURALLY curve my feet to propell myself through the water. Next time I plan to complete my goal in more then about five weeks so I am prepared for further swimming events.... 

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